Diamond Problems

Overstuffed MEDEFs

Problem: Despite your best efforts to leave room in the sequencing of MEDTP ID’s, the competing demands of new configurations pushed the sequences to the ceiling, leaving no room.

Solution: Confidata used a secure, offline process to re-sequence / re-number MEDTP’s to create more space and get them off the ceiling. Processing logic was not disrupted, consistent system outputs were maintained and we made space to breath.

Offline process extracts, re-sequences and reloads all references to the MEDEF hierarchy

Allows room within the hierarchy while affording an opportunity to review / revise the processing priority

“I can’t get there from here!”

Problem: You encounter a complex set of business requirements that aren’t supported efficiently by Diamond. You could enter large strings of Diamond shorthand in MEDEFs but the maintenance would be burdensome and a pain.

Solution: The Confidata team simplified a complex benefit definition through the creative application of unused Diamond fields and features, delivering a compact and efficient fully tested configuration in minimal time with minimal customer effort.

“I fixed it but it’s still wrong!”

Problem: The client found issues with claims processing, made changes to the configuration and parameters but was unable to drive the correct outcomes from Diamond.

Solution: The Confidata team undertook a complete gap analysis of the pricing and adjudication configuration to identify the root causes. A complete re-engineering of the configuration resulted in not only correct claims processing but also the clean-up and removal of a large volume of outdated and incorrect configuration trash. Our Diamond expertise allows us to pinpoint the exact causes of problems that may be well hidden within the system:

The Roadblock

Problem: Sometimes, Diamond just won’t do what you want it to do.

Solution: The Confidata team, in partnership with our allied organizations, designs and implements new Diamond functionality to support your unique business demands.  We will provide you assistance with:

ANY Diamond need: Platform, Configuration, Programming or Connectivity, all performed by Diamond experts

Unlimited potential for expansion into new workflows, new data sets and new businesses through Diamond enhancements.

Perhaps “Diamond™ is forever.”