When is the right time to turn to a consultant for help?

When a problem has turned into a major issue for your organization. When a project is underway, but moving in the wrong direction.

Confidata’s skilled consultants can bring such situations under control and turn a negative into a win. Our years of industry experience provide insight into best practices that drive your optimal project outcomes.

We can help

Confidata provides services for all phases of managed care claims system implementation, configuration, and operations:

Claims System performance analysis
     and optimization
Re-engineering of Claims System
     configuration to optimize auto-
     adjudication rates

New system and new line of business

First and second tier application
     support and adjunct staffing

Customized training classes and
     workshops for end users

Support of all phases of HIPAA data
     integration (EDI)

Developing answers for compliance
     and operational reporting

Implementation and integration of
     support applications i.e. DRG and
     OPPS pricers

Test plan scenario development,
     unit and user acceptance testing