Confidata Consultants are your trainers who provide hands-on, real-life, contextual instruction about your configuration and functionality to maximize knowledge transfer and understanding.

Our consultants collaborate with you to design curricula that meets business requirements on all levels, from timing, to content, to class size, and more.

Training covers a broad array of systems and functionality, presented in workshop settings that maximize learner interaction with instructors.

Our Trainers Deliver

Pre-training assessments ensuring
     classes and workshops impart timely
     and relevant skills
Interactive classes with real-world
     context to maximize student’s
     opportunity to learn
Hands-on workshops with practical
     training scenarios to strengthen
     comprehension of functionality
     and configuration
Relaxed learning environment that
     promotes accessible interaction
     between instructor and learner
Documentation, feedback, and
     follow-up to provide ongoing support
     for operational use


“Finally, training that allows us to focus on our work-world needs with a great combination of explanation, discussion, and relevant hands-on experience. It actually focused on achieving the best solution for our configuration challenges. This is the kind of training we’ve been looking for. Thank you so much!”

                             ~ A. Orizondo